While I'm traipsing down memory lane of life in the South I thought I would ruminate on Memphis for a moment. It's been years since I've been there but only one local haunt I used to linger at has closed up shop. 

If you have never been to Memphis a must see is Beale street. In the tradition wandering from bar to bar this has got to be one of the best places to catch a show, get some drinks, and have a late night snack. 
Beale Street
One thing I liked to do when I was in Memphis was go for a trolly ride. This historic pastime will take you through downtown, down by the Mississippi river and over by the Memphis Pyramid which is a sight to not to be missed. We used to love to walk the bridge nearby and stand over the Mississippi river overlooking the pyramid at sunset. 
Memphis Trolly Rides 
If your looking to make a lasting memory while your in town make sure to call ahead to Ramesses Shadow. This tattoo parlor is notorious for being one of the best in the south. The artists that work here are amazing and the entire place is clean like a doctors office. 
Ramesses Shadow Tattoos 
Aside from my time I spent working downtown or hanging out at Ramses Shadow, I liked to kick it with the hippy scene over in Midtown. 

The Overton park shell, now the Levitt Shell is a historical landmark that has gone through various stages of neglect and repair. Now fully remodeled and hosting a regular schedule you catch a show outdoors at an old fashioned  amphitheater.
Levitt Shell
To rainy to play outside? Make your way down to Otherlands for all your hippy needs. They have an adorable shop, coffee bar, an outdoor patio in the sun, and live music.
Otherlands Coffee and Exotic Gifts 
If you find that is too mellow of a scene for you though, check out The Edge Coffee shop. The food is tasty, the coffee is strong and the kids are hip. 
The Edge Coffeehouse
From The Edge Facebook page:
The Edge serves only the best hot and cold coffee and espresso beverages, including the signature "Avalanche, "World Famous Highly Addictive Double Espresso Milk Shake" as well as a wide selection of soft drinks, energy drinks, vitamin water, etc. 
Over the years The Edge has been Memphis first: • Internet café, • Originals only music venue, • Specialty Coffee drive-through window, • Mobile Coffeehouse for off-site events, • Twenty-four hour Specialty Coffeehouse, • Text Order Drive-By-Coffee

Last but not least the Cooper Young district. A tight knit group of businesses with a hopping summer festival every year. 
Cooper Young 

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